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You look for ways to save money in your home all year long. Your HVAC system is responsible for much of your annual energy consumption costs. It is likely, however, that you never gave much thought to ways you can save in this area. Your HVAC system can take a toll on your wallet in several ways. Even if you’ve never even had a visit from a repair technician, you could still incur costs if:

  • Your system is old
  • Your system is damaged
  • Filters and system components need to be cleaned
  • Your heating and cooling system has never been maintained, or it’s been a while since you’ve scheduled maintenance
  • You do not use your thermostat correctly

Neglect in these areas will cause your heating and cooling systems to consume more energy, thus driving up your energy costs. Scheduling HVAC repair and maintenance as needed can help you to control heating and cooling costs and maximize HVAC efficiency.